Nicola Langlands worked tirelessly to create a charity for transplant aftercare. This was an area of post-surgery care that she felt lacked appropriate support, and wanted to ensure transplant patients and their families could deal with some of the  problems they might encounter on the bumpy road ahead.

Nicola herself had a heart and lung transplant in 1989 at the young age of 13yrs, and lived a further 24yrs with her new organs. Nicola passed away in 2013.

She named her charity Look Beyond the Heart, and from its inception she supported many patients by funding a range of therapies, equipment and family days out. She also gave talks to different groups within the Harefield Hospital, as well as telling her story to a number of charitable organizations and medical staff training to work in the field of transplant surgery.

As her family we are pleased to announce that we will be continuing the charity in her name, and intend to continue some of her wonderful support work.

We would like to invite people to contact us if they would like to get involved or if they have someone they would like to refer to us for help and support.

nic and megLook Beyond the Heart is a group that I set up many years ago, as I was aware that very soon after my transplant I needed support as I was finding many issues hard to deal with. Sadly there were not the people out there who were willing to listen or help me.

I thought if you want something done then you have to do it yourself.

If I did not have the support from my family and friends I would not have lived such a full life, and I would like to THANK all those that helped me and really believed in me.

Deep down I know that the aftercare was as important as the transplant itself, as it affected not only the person who had the transplant but their family too. It is not easy and the journey can take its toll on everyone. Sadly some people don’t like to talk about it and I particularly find transplant patients don’t like to talk about it, as they feel they have failed or may be looked upon as being ungrateful. It is not that at all, as they just need a bit of support and help when it is needed.


It's ok to say please HELP me or please TALK to me as I don’t understand why I feel like this. At the end of the day all transplant recipients have been through such a traumatic experience that not only do they not fully understand all the possible outcomes of their transplant, but their bodies also have suffered a trauma, and if they don't get the right help so they can deal with these issues it may cause more difficulties for them later on.

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