Nicola Langlands Chairperson

Nicola Langlands was born in 1976 with a congenital heart condition. At that time there was nothing the doctors could do for her. However, In 1989 when she was 13 years old Nicola was rushed to Harefield Hospital where she was given the most wonderful gift by an amazing family who donated their son's Heart and Lungs, That was 24 years ago, and Nicola honestly felt she had lived the most amazing fulfilled life. It wasn’t easy, it was very challenging and it taught her a lot about herself and her transplant, and the vital need for transplant aftercare support.

The healing process takes a long time as there are so many issues to deal with. As well as the task of simply getting over the surgery, there is a need to adjust to medication and deal with the emotional and psychological impact of the transplant process.

It would have been nice if there had been an aftercare plan put into place that recognised and offered support in many of these medical, physical and psychological areas. This would have helped Nicola to face her problems openly and honestly and she would not have felt she was facing these issues alone.

Having her daughter Megan after her transplant gave Nicola hope for a future, and with that renewed strength she continued through the charity to try and help others.

Steve Hewlett Vice-Chairperson​ 

Steve Hewlett is more known from being the ventriloquist on TV's Britain's Got Talent Final with his Simon Cowell creation.

In 2014 & 2017 Steve took his Theatre Tours "Thinking Inside The Box" & "30 Years Of Talking To Myself"


Steve's proudest moments were attending a 125 Year Celebration of the Grand Order of Water Rats where he proudly introduced his wife Nina to Her Majesty the Queen & HRH Prince Phillip, it was also the year Roy Hudd & Roger De Courcey proposed Steve into the GOWR www.gowr.co.uk Showbusiness order. Steve has also performed in the Good Old Days Show at City Varieties in Leeds 6th times.

gowr.co.uk - Grand Order of Water Rats


"The Grand Order of Water Rats' charitable fund represents an unselfish giving to those less fortunate than ourselves, providing a stream of support for nationally ...

In 2016 Steve appeared as a Guest on BBC Strictly Come Dancing, Toured the UK with American Legendary Ventriloquist Ronn Lucas, in Talent's Of Britain Nationwide for Howlin Comedy & in May with American Sax Sensation KENNY G ending the tour at London's Royal Albert Hall.

2016 & 2017 also saw Steve Join The Legendary OSMONDS on the 'Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza' in Branson, USA & on Tour in the UK in December. As well a weeks residence at Falls Casino, Niagara Falls, Canada in Jimmy Osmonds World Tour 'Moon River & Me'.

Steve & Nicola met in 2010 during his summer season at the Royal Hippodrome theatre and from then to this day he has been honoured to be part of the team which helped launch www.lookbeyondtheheart.com in 2014

Steve has been there to help raise monies for Nicola by hosting events and since her passing Steve is pleased to help Nicola's family continue her dream in helping families in aftercare.

Steve has is own website which is www.thestevehewlettshow.com

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