Bears - So that​ we can carry on raising the funds to help support the aftercare of each adult and child that not only needs, but would like support following their transplant, we are selling Alfie Aftercare Bear an Zoe Bear.

Alfie and Zoe cost just £5.50

Alfie Aftercare Book - Many years ago I came up with the idea for writing a children book to help children to understand and deal with their transplant. I want to write this because I had myself had a transplant when I was just the age of 13 year old and I found there where some issue hard to not only understand but to deal with and it was upsetting but I managed it. So I thought if I could just help one child to maybe understand and deal with issues to do with their transplant them I guess I hopeful have done something good.However this book is not just for children who have had or waiting for a transplant it is for children that have not had a transplant and don’t need a transplant I hope that these children can pick this book up and maybe understand that it a good thing to be able to donate your heart or you kidney or even you lungs.So here is my book about Alfie Aftercare I have had to fund the printing of this book by myself as sadly no one has offered to help me get it into a real book.If I can just get enough money for the book to be a hard back them I can give them to all the children in hospital who are waiting or who have had one as a gift to them with Alfie Aftercare Bear .So hopeful somewhere out there someone will help we to achieve this aim.

The book only costs £4.

One Pound Challenge We set up the ONE POUND CHALLENGE and the aim of this was to raise enough money to get look beyond the heart registered into a charity and the reason why I would like to get look beyond the heart registered into a charity is so that we can help and support adult and children with and their families with the Transplant aftercare.All we ask is for you to go to donate and just donate more than one pound it not much but the more people who can do this the more we can help and support people also the closer we are to get look beyond the heart registered in to a charity.  So I am asking again to support this cause so we can help as many people as possible.

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