Fund raising packages - There are many ways you can help and support Look Beyond the Heart and Alfie to help and support as many transplant patients and families with the aftercare following transplantation.

But to do this we need to get as many people as possible to help us, so we have put a fund raising pack together, with a poster, balloons stickers and most impotant of all sponsor forms.

For us to achieve what we hope to achieve we need to get all the help we can, so if you’re interested in helping us the email, and we can send you a fund raising pack.

Support Packages - Have been designed to help transplant patients after their transplant to give them some idea of what would help them with their aftercare. it has suggestions for exercises, healthy meals to make and a few do’s and dont's There are also a few goodies in there too.

If you are interested in receiving one all you have to do is email us​.

Give with Love and Receive with Care was set up by my daughter and I last year, and we were lucky to be asked to the Transplant Games.

Megan would design the logo and put all our ideas down and set to work.

The idea was to help children under the age of sixteen to understand the reasons why people need transplants.

Talking about transplants is  a very sensitive subject and its not the sort of subject which can family can easily talk about.

So we came up with the idea that if children know that if one of their loved ones sadly passed away they can give any number of organs with love, and the person who receives  their loved one's organs they will always receive them with care.

We all know dying is a scary thing for even adults, but for children it a lot harder as they don't really understand things, and talking about giving your organs away must be a lot to take in. So what we hope to do is to get children who have either had a transplant or their brother or sister who has had a transplant to help us by sharing their experiences.

The way they could do that is by being willing to go into Schools Colleges and clubs to talk about their experiences. They talk about their transplant and what they and the family went through.

We believe that children tell their own story in a way which is not only heartfelt,  but a way that will make other children understand transplantation, and also get them talking about it to other family members and other people they may know.

So if there are any children under the age of sixteen, who have had a transplant or your brother or sister who has had a transplant and would like to help us with this campaign then email us your details and we will email you back.

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