Opp Bodiam Castle
East Sussex
TN32 5UA

19th June 10-5pm

Lynn, Jim and Granny will be raising money for Look Beyond the Heart at this very popular event on Father’s Day. They will be doing a Tombola, selling cakes and the usual collection of Jim’s junk. There will be information about the Charity and the causes it has supported over the last year.

Do come and support us if you are able to.


We all know that Nicola loved a good boot sale. Well we have decided to attend a boot sale on this day and raise money for  the charity. If you are local to East bourne then please feel free to join us and make a donation to the charity from your sales. If you aren't local then you can find a local boot sale to you, attend and donate via our website.



We will be attending the transplant games in Bolton to see if we can help and support people who have experienced transplants. If you are local to Bolton then please come along and meet us.



This is our very own local Sussex talent show. We will be holding auditions on Sunday 19th October where we will decide who will go through to the final show that will be at the Hippodrom Theatre in Eastbourne. If you are interested in entering then please email us and let us know. Save this page as a favourite or follow us on Facebook/twitter to get further details as they come out.


This project is about adding your own story in your own words, each and everyone of us who go on this transpl​ant journey have similar experiences to each other, but there is however a difference in that we have differnt paths to go down with different challenges. Some of these challenges make us strong and some can make us sad. It can also affect us  mentally as we feel that if we talk about our problems we are looked upon as being ungrateful for the gift we have been given. We can also feel as if we want to give up but, our families walk the same path so with them we learn to either be strong or weak.

Look Beyond the Heart would like you or a member of your family to email us your story about how you dealt with these challenges .We all have amazing stories, each and everyone of us, and Look Beyond the Heart believes we can all learn form each other and support each other in ways that we feel will make those paths easy to walk.

If you are intrested in taking part in this project email us with your storyies, and if you would allow us to put it on the site then I know it will help  with so many patients and their families. 


This project is for Alfie to give as much advice as he can, and of course with the help of you, the advice he  is hoping to give is about possibly the right holiday insurance, see if you can get a hospital cover  when abroad, how to eat healthily and a range of other  day to day issues.

It can be  very hard to eat after your Transplant as your body has gone though a very shocking experience physically and mentally, and the last thing we all think about doing is eating All we want to do is go home to our families and start living.

It also does not help when the medication is very toxic and your sense of taste goes away. You don't see food how you used to, so Alfie would like to offer some little menus that you can make for yourself. Hopefully this will give you back that feeling of how good food really does taste.

There are a few other things Alfie would like to help you with, and that is to make sure you get the right equipment to support your needs when you get home, he also feels the need to offer a support package, where you can get lots of infomation, Look Beyond the Heart is hoping to offer counselling,physiotherapy and art therapy,

but so that we are able to do this we need to get more funds and to get more funds we need to put on more events.


Pen Pals - Alfie came up with  the idea of a penpal section where you can meet people with the same likes as you, and also he felt it is more personal to receive a letter.

We all know there are other websites where you can make friends, but you don't really get to know them and support them in a way you might like to.

So what Alfie thought was that if you want to join the penpal project  what you do is email with what you want Look Beyond the Heart to put on the website about you. Just give your first name and then we give you a number to put next to your name on the website along with the information you give us

If you find someone on there, then you write to your new penpal and put the letter in sealed evenvlope with their name and  number. You then post it to our post box and we can send it on. Hopefully you will get a letter back which will be great.You can have as many penpals as you like so come you guys get writing and good luck!


Bags of brightness - I came up with the idea after my last stay in hospital. One of the other transplant patients' mum came to see me with a little bag of goodies. It had some really nice things in it that really brightened up my day.

So the way bags of brightness is intended to help people, is by you nominating someone who is in hospital and is not having such a good time. You email us with as much information as possible

1. Name
2. Age
3. What hospital they are in
4. What you think they would like

Really the information above is all we need, So if you want us to brighten 
someone's day nominate now.


Over the last year we have been running a support group at Harefield Hospital. The aim of this support group is to support Transplant patients with any of their aftercare needs. It is also for people that are waiting for a transplant who are intrested in coming along to see what to expect after their Transplant, but also to make new friends.

The support group is run three time a year, so look out for times and dates on our website or on the wards and outpatient departments in the hospital.

We look forward to seeing you!

© Look Beyond the Heart 2013